Wednesday, November 23, 2022


 Collection Highlight: Marylandia Update

Contributed by Jordan Wohlfort, Collection Development Librarian

Collection Development Boiler plate. DTBM with headphones

November 2022

This Thanksgiving, incorporate some Maryland recipes into the usual menu. Check out this title to discover some new, simple recipes to bring to the table.


DBC 12432  – I Can Cook, You Can Cook! Simply Great Maryland Recipes, by Wayne O. Broke, narrated by Maxine A. Cohen

An award-winning Baltimore chef and restaurateur recounts his days as a casual proprietor at the popular Wayne's Bar-B-Que, sharing more than 150 recipes for simple and easy-to-prepare soups, salads, entrees, side dishes, desserts, breakfasts, and drinks.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Collection Highlights: November 2022

 Collection Highlights: November 2022

Collection Development Boiler plate. DTBM with headphones

Contributed by Jordan Wohlfort, Collection Development Librarian

November 2022

November is Native American Heritage Month. Here’s a few recent titles from Native voices.

The Sentence, by Louise Erdrich

BR 24020 ; DB 105798

After her release from prison, Tookie takes a job at a Minneapolis bookstore. The store is haunted by the ghost of Flora, a former customer who had a habit of claiming to have Native American heritage. Tookie must solve the mystery of this haunting while Minneapolis endures a year of upheaval.

The Seed Keeper, by Diane Wilson

DB 105284

Rosalie Iron Wing grew up in the woods with her father, Ray, who told her stories of the natural world and the origins of the Dakota people. When he disappeared, Rosalie went into foster care. Years later, she returns home to the family cabin and remembers her father's teachings.

A Snake Falls to Earth, by Darcie Little Badger

DB 106018

Nina, a Lipan Apache, lives in the real world and still believes in the old stories. Oli, a cottonmouth snake boy, lives in the Reflecting World. But a catastrophic event on Earth, and a strange sickness that befalls Oli's best friend, drive their worlds together in ways they haven't been in centuries.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Technology User Group Meeting: 

Google & Alexa

May 14

Contributed by Jerry Price, Assistive Technology Training Coordinator 

On Saturday, November 5 th , the Technology User Group is pleased to present our 13 th annual look at assistive technology gifts for the holidays! Gadgets, gizmos and exciting products for the home, office and play. Most items profiled will cost less than $100. Many vendors will also be
profiling their wares in this special two-hour event.

Please note that in November, the Technology User Group will meet on the first Saturday of the month. The presentation will be virtual and may be joined by calling 319-527-4994. You do not have to RSVP for this event. The presentation will begin at 10 AM and last about 2 hours.

We look forward to meeting with you virtually on Saturday, November 5th, and hope that you will join us for other exciting events we have planned for 2022 and beyond.

If you would like to listen to previous TUG recordings, please
click here:

Upcoming TUG Programs:
  • December 10: 10 AM, Top Websites to Bookmark for 2023 and the Best New Apps of 2022
  • January 7: 10 AM, The Maryland Technology Assistance Program, “Bringing Assistive Technology to Marylanders”
For more information about the Technology User Group, please contact Jerry Price at (410) 230-2446 or via email at