Monday, November 23, 2020

Tech Tips: Jaws and Audible Sync Now Compatible


Contributed by Jerry Price, Assistive Technology Specialist

With the release of Jaws 2021, the nation’s most popular screen reader can now effectively interact with

Audible Sync. Audible Sync is a utility program used by Audible to download books to third-party

players, such as the Victor Reader Stream. Issues arose when Audible, an Amazon audiobook company,

switched its device manager software and left new customers scrambling to find useful solutions to

enable the application.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Guest Post: Meals on Wheels Grocery Assistance Program

Guest Post: Meals on Wheels Grocery Assistance Program

Meals on Wheels Logo

Contributed by: Jill Prevatt, Director, Marketing + Events at MOW, Central Maryland

The Grocery Assistance Program (GAP) at Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland (MOWCM) started 20 years ago to provide additional shopping assistance to homebound individuals who cannot shop for themselves. Participants are matched with a dedicated volunteer, and together they agree on a shopping schedule. The volunteer shops and delivers the needed items from the participant’s list. Strong bonds are often formed through months or years of the shopping partnership. 

Eric J. began volunteering with MOWCM as a meal packer in 2015. On his way out one day, he learned about the GAP program from a staff member and knew immediately he wanted to sign up as a volunteer! Since then, Eric has worked with several clients, including Sylvia B., a 66-year-old Home-Delivered Meal Program (HDMP), and GAP client that is currently living in Randallstown. Eric has come to know Sylvia well through the years, learning about each other’s families, stories, and preferences. In fact, Eric has her weekly shopping list memorized including cleaning supplies, sherbet, ginger ale, and no salt potato chips. 

On one occasion, Eric noticed that Sylvia was always buying new plastic tablecloths. In response, Eric decided to sew her a home-made fabric tablecloth that would last much longer. Another time, Eric worked with the HDMP team to surprise Sylvia by delivering her meals as well as groceries. It is these little More than a meal™ touches that mean so much to clients and volunteers alike and have truly solidified Eric and Sylvia’s bond. 

The coronavirus pandemic has led to increased demand for both HDMP and GAP services. Many individuals who were able to go to the grocery store in the past have now found themselves unexpectedly vulnerable and prefer to stay safe at home. Some older adults may now be isolated from family and friends who are no longer able to help with shopping. From January to August 2020, the program has served 471 total clients- an increase of more than 30% from all of 2019. During the COVID-19 pandemic, GAP volunteers and clients have also made adjustments to their delivery routines, including quick drop-offs and social distancing. Prior to the onset of the virus, Sylvia enjoyed going to her local library. While she is currently not able to engage in the social activities that she loves, she “trusts that everything will be okay, especially with the support of my volunteer, Eric.”

Readers can learn more by visiting and following us on social media @mealsonwheelsmd.

Mark Jacobson grocery shopping.
Eric Jacobson shopping for the GAP program. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Podcast Review

Contributed by Taryn Tranby, Patron Services

Microphone on black blackground text says podcast review

If you’re a big goofball, married to a goofball, are dating a goofball, or are friends with a goofball, I’ve got another podcast for you! Even if you’re not a goofball or don’t know one nearby, you’ll probably enjoy the podcast: Wonderful! 

If you remember my podcast reviews of The Adventure Zone, you’ll recognize the name, Griffin McElroy! Wonderful! is a podcast where Griffin and his wife, Rachel McElroy, talk about things that they find truly wonderful! Sometimes the topics are little things, like tiny syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel. Some topics are larger, like the Society for Creative Anachronism. 

They start each episode with “small wonders” and things they’ve thought about recently for a short discussion. As they discuss, they move on to bigger wonders that they go more in-depth with, sometimes talking about the topic's history or how the said topic came to be. Another lovely detail of Wonderful! is Rachel’s “Poetry Corner” when she brings up a poem that resonated with her and reads it to listeners. The episodes are about an hour long and so fun to listen to while cooking or cleaning throughout the day. With shutdowns resuming, it’s nice to have some charming voices to keep you company while gushing about fun silly things that make them happy.

I’ve listed various wonders mentioned in Wonderful! and a few poets that Rachel reads works from below! 

Some recent episode small wonders:

  • Rachel ordering their Thanksgiving meals ahead of time.

  • Griffin’s adventures in discovering ASMR to help his sleep issues. 

  • Heating pads for aches and pains

  • Sea glass

  • Language development in children

  • Backgammon

Some recent larger wonders and topics discussed:

  • Flash mobs

  • Snake reproduction

  • Seafood boils

  • Fencing

  • LARP-ing (Live Action Roleplaying)

Poets Rachel has read from:

  • Jacqueline Woodson

  • Rita Dove

  • Louise Gl├╝ck

  • Michael Palmer

Wonderful! can be found on the Maximum Fun Network or wherever you get your podcasts.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Marylandia Collection: Update for November


Marylandia Collection: Update

Contributed by Jordan Farinelli, Collection Development Librarian

Marylandia Blog Post blog header

However you choose to spend this Thanksgiving, be sure to incorporate some traditional Maryland recipes into the usual menu. Check out this title and discover that Maryland food is more than just crab cakes.


DBC 05306 – Dishing up Maryland: 150 Recipes from the Alleghenies to the Chesapeake Bay, by Lucie L. Snodgrass

Narrated by Beth Bugnaski

From the Chesapeake to the Alleghenies, Maryland offers a rich diversity of native foods and traditions. Lucy L. Snodgrass’s compilation of 150 delicious recipes from the Old Line State’s most celebrated chefs will have you feasting on Corn and Quinoa Salad with Lemon-Mint Dressing, Smith Island Cake, and – of course – crab cooked every which way. Add Southern favorites to your repertoire with recipes for fried chicken, boiled dressing, corn fritters, and strawberry shortcake with biscuits. Savor seasonal produce in fresh recipes for soups, salads, and side dishes, and learn how to clean and fry a soft-shell crab. It’s all here for your dining pleasure!